This one’s for you, Phil

27 Aug

Wow. So it’s been almost a year since I wrote. My father-in-law told me last weekend that he still checks my blog to see if I’ve written. Now that’s loyalty, folks.

Oliver just turned one last week and I’m finding myself coming back to this blog. The past year has been great. Stretching, exhausting, thrilling, and full of growing pains. But we survived the first year of having three small children. We can only go up, I say.

Big things happening around these parts, though. Jackson starts Kindergarten in eight days. (Not that I’m counting) My heart sometimes can’t take the fact that my “baby” is about to be dropped off at a building full of strangers each day. But he is so very excited. Like “let’s make a paper chain to count down the days” excited. I’m so thankful that he is excited. It would be so much harder if he was dreading it. Honestly, I don’t think he knows what is coming. But that’s ok too. Sometimes it’s best not to know and just to be excited. My heart jumps a little when I think about how close it is. We’ve gotten his backpack and a new outfit for the first day of school. Still working on a lunch box and water bottle. I find myself worrying over little things like finding the right thermos and making sure we have good snacks for when he comes home from his first day. I just want everything to feel safe and secure for him. Dave and I are praying fervently for good friends and a teacher who will know how to teach boys. A boy who loves to learn, but can be a little fidgety at times. There is so much newness ahead of us.

In this past year, Dave also started a new job. We are almost nine months into that and I feel like life is starting to get into a more predictable routine. It’s also been a shock to the family and to him. But we are thankful for the new opportunities that God has given him. There are lots of fun things on the horizon for him!

This weekend we’ll celebrate our little Ollie. Nothing too fancy. Just a dinner and some cake with people who love him. I’m looking forward to it. I always love an excuse to throw a party. Jackson and Audrey are in full party-planning mode. Each day they want to make presents for Oliver or help me decorate. Yesterday Jackson was laying out tablecloths all over the living room floor. I kept having to tell him the party wasn’t until Saturday.

I’ll close for now. I just wanted to get a post up to get that part over with. My plan is to post here more often. Phil, you’re going to have to hold me accountable!

Welcome Oliver!

17 Sep

Well, he’s here! On August 21 we met our third child, Oliver Stephen. He was born at 5:20 a.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long. He has been such a sweet, sweet baby so far. He’s two and a half weeks old now and I already feel like he’s been with us forever. He has reddish hair and dark blue eyes. He looks so much like Jackson did as a newborn it’s scary. When we were driving home from the hospital, I kept looking over at him in the car seat thinking, “We’ve done this before!” He looks like his big brother.

As for Jackson and Audrey, they are just beside themselves. They are fully embracing their new roles as big brother and big sister. I get all kinds of help holding him, changing him and singing to him. (Audrey’s songs are my favorite – “Baby Ooooliveeerrrr, you’re soooo cuuuuute!”)

The first night we were home, I took him upstairs to nurse him and change his diaper. Jackson and Audrey wanted to join me, so I figured why not? They were going to learn all about nursing at some point. Might as well be now. Oh the questions they asked me…it was hilarious. And so sweet. They are so innocent. It was cute to see them taking it all in. When it came time to change his diaper, he started wailing. I could tell that it stressed Jackson out a bit. He kept rattling off things that could be wrong with him and would be causing him to cry. Audrey just put her hands over her ears, backed away from the changing table and ran out the door, shutting it behind her. Not what I expected. Over the next few days, they relaxed a bit and weren’t so upset when he would cry. And just this afternoon I put him in the swing so I could run upstairs to do a few things. I heard him ramp up to a good wail so I came downstairs to find both Jackson and Audrey sitting on the couch, watching a show, while Oliver wailed his little heart out. Audrey just glanced over at me when I came down to get him. I’d say they’ve adjusted quite well.

The first week or so, the kids would wake up and come into Oliver’s room where I would be feeding him half asleep. They were so excited to come and see their baby brother first thing in the morning. And each morning, Jackson would say, “I didn’t hear the baby cry last night!” Honestly, he wouldn’t hear a freight train running through our house at night either. That kid can SLEEP.

My parents left this past Monday and Dave went back to work on Wednesday. That means I’ve been running things solo for a grand total of three days. What have we done, you might ask? I present to you my list of accomplishments:

  • First day – a trip to Target where we returned some things and bought a few things. I’d like to thank Target’s snack bar for their cheap bags of popcorn that kept the older two busy.
  • I showered! All three days!
  • Third day – a trip to the grocery store. We were only in there about 30 minutes, but we survived it. Got the necessities (bread, fruit, mac ‘n cheese) and got stopped by about five old ladies who wanted to see Oliver in the carrier. He got lots of oohs and aahs!
  • Naps for mommy. All three days. Each afternoon, after I feed Oliver, we have gone upstairs and read a few stories. Then Audrey takes a nap (or not, but still she plays in my room), Jackson has quiet time in his room for an hour, Oliver goes in his crib (sometimes he stays, sometimes he ends up with me) and I retreat to the guest bedroom for a little rest. I’ve gotten at least a 30 min. nap each day. I’d call that a success.

We start up with our bible study in a week and a half. I’m thinking I’m going to need to do a few dry runs to see if we can all get out the door on time for the 8:45 a.m. start time. I have no idea how we’re going to do that. I’m thinking we might be late for the first few weeks.

Four no more…

19 Aug

This could be one of the last photos we have of all four of us together.

I realized yesterday that we haven’t taken many of the four of us. We just got back from a nice lunch with Dave’s parents and his aunt and uncle who are visiting from Canada. We had a great time visiting with them and the kids did so great playing at the table while we talked. Love it when that happens!

Still no baby here. Three days until my due date and I’m having off and on mild contractions, but nothing in any sort of rhythm. The ultrasound last week showed us that our little boy is growing like a weed! At 37 weeks they guessed him to be 7 lbs. 3 oz. and at 39 weeks they guessed him to be 9 lbs. I’d say that’s quite a growth spurt! I’m curious to know how big this guy is going to be when he comes out! My next Dr. appointment is on wednesday (my due date) and I’m sure I’ll be ready to have a heart to heart with my Dr. to see if we can get things moving along.

It’s time, my friends.

39 weeks

15 Aug

“If you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all.”

Amen and Amen.

Here’s a picture for you:

I’ve also updated my P3 belly shots above.

38 weeks today

8 Aug

I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I have two weeks (or could it be less?) until we meet this little boy. Although I’m dreading labor again, I cannot wait to see his sweet face. Smell his little head. And have some precious alone time with him while I stay in the hospital. I know it will all be worth it when he’s here.

For more belly shots during this pregnancy, visit the P3 page above.

37 weeks

3 Aug

I realized I haven’t written much about my pregnancy this time. It has definitely been the most exhausting pregnancy due to the two little rug rats who are running around non-stop all of the time. I just don’t have the energy to do a lot of things, much less blogging. But here we are at 37 weeks already. It has really flown this time. For that, I’m thankful. This little guy is growing and kicking me constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling him move. But I’m reaching the point where I’d kind of like to have my body back. That kid is bu-sy in there.

Last week at my doctor’s appointment, the Dr. thought he could be breech. She sent me in for an ultrasound the next day and we discovered that he wasn’t. Hallelujah! They want me to come back at week 39 to check his weight again. Since both Jackson and Audrey were big (8 lb. 13 oz and 9 lb. 1 oz) I met the criteria to have his weight checked a couple of times via ultrasound before he’s born. He doesn’t feel that big. The ultrasound this week guessed him to be about 7 lb. 3 oz. right now. She guessed him to be about 8-1/2 lbs. when he’s born. We shall see. It’s always interesting to see how accurate they really are.

Jackson and Audrey continue to talk about the baby all the time. Audrey has him on her radar the most. When she eats, she asks if the baby would like something to eat. Often putting a piece of her snack on my belly for him. She wants to know if he’s going to go swimming with us when we go to a friends’ pool. She wants to know if he’s wearing a swimsuit in my belly. Jackson talks about how he’s going to teach him to play soccer and play with trucks. I think both of them are ready to see this little guy. Nothing makes me happier than when the two of them put their hands on my belly and giggle when their brother kicks their hands. The looks on their faces are priceless. I love that they are old enough to understand what’s going on (for the most part). I think I’m the most excited about them meeting him for the first time in the hospital. Audrey is going to be in heaven having her own little doll baby to play with.

Perks of the pregnancy at this stage? Definitely balancing my bowl/plate on my belly when I’m eating. That may be about it. I’ve reached the point where I just don’t have much energy any more. I can tell my body is getting ready to get him out. I’ve had some Braxton Hicks contractions over the last few days. Nothing too major, but it’s a good sign that we’re headed in the right direction. My mom will be here on the 17th, so if we can just hold out until she gets here, I don’t care if he’s early. In fact, I welcome it.

Dave and I think we’ve decided on a name for our little guy. But we’ll be keeping that a secret until he comes. It’s a bit of a relief to finally have a decision made. It took us a while. Funny how hard it can be to agree on the same name! We can’t wait to share it with our friends and family when he arrives!

Less than three weeks until my due date. Come on P3!

Jackson the Photographer

27 Jun

Last week I let Jackson take some pictures with my little point and shoot. I was just going through his 40-some pictures that he took and was quite amused at some of the things he decided to capture.

• My ever-growing bump while working on the computer

• Our ceiling fan

• His beloved boxes that I let him pick out a B.J.’s. Free fun!

• His tricycle that he drives all around the back yard. Our favorite is when he slams on the brakes and skids to a stop.

The last two I took, of course. I love this sweet boy. He’s four and a half and growing up so fast. We’re in a great stage with him right now. He’s such a joy to be with (most of the time) and is so curious about the world around him. He loves to know how things work and has a real mechanical mind for figuring things out. I love to watch him play!

In other news, Tabea has been with us for about four weeks now. We are loving having her around!

This was taken last Sunday on the way to church. She graciously squeezed in between the kids. After church we took her to Chipotle for the first time. She loved it! I mean, really, who wouldn’t?

Her sister, Amaya, is visiting us this week and the two of them are off exploring New York City today. I can’t wait to hear all about their trip!

And today marks week 32 in this pregnancy. It is ridiculous how fast this is all going. I’m happy, though. I can’t wait to meet this little guy! You can check out my P3 page above for updated belly shots. (p.s. The poor third child…he already has fewer belly pictures than the other two!)




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